OK – so it’s not even Christmas yet and here I am talking about New Year’s resolutions. Sorry. It is one of my compulsions to plan early for everything and if you are a job seeker I think you should already be planning your New Year campaign.

Here are my top 10 tips:

  •  Many companies hire people in December to start in the New Year when they have an increased salary budget, so you should keep you activity levels high in December, you could snag an interview now for a job that starts in January!
  • Prepare your marketing materials now so that you are raring to go on New Year job postings that you see. Be ruthless about your resume. Has it been working for you? Do you need to revamp it? What do your cover letters say about you? Are they positive enough? Do they help tell your story?
  • If you are out of work and on a limited budget ask for job search gifts for the holidays – a session with a career planner, pay for a resume writer to help, a new business suit for interviews, training on a needed software program etc.
  • Start networking now in your social circles. People are in the mood for giving right now, maybe they will be in the mood to give by helping you!
  • Get with the times – if you don’t already have a strong social media presence, now is the time to get back in touch with family members, old friends and old work colleagues. People often use the holidays as a time to reconnect with people.
  • Holiday parties can be a great way to network!
  • The Holidays are a great time to volunteer – get out there and make connections through volunteering.
  • Make a plan – do it now so that it is in place on January 1.
  • If you are in a job but looking for a move up or change, this can be a great time to talk to your boss about possibilities within your current company.
  • Review your finances – you’ll be getting information for your tax filings ready. Take a good look at where your money went this year. Figure out what financial resources you need for next year. This will help you whether you are working, under-employed or unemployed.


Happy Holidays! And Good Luck in you New Year Job Search!