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We have extensive experience helping small businesses and non-profits.

Over the years we have developed unique and workable packages that address the issues our small business clients face.

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Personalized_Service_IconIssue #1:  Time

When you need to hire an extra person, or bring in a per diem or contract helper it is usually because you are busy.  Maybe a valued member of your team just quit, maybe one of your current team members is not pulling their weight, maybe your business has been growing, but either way you now have less time than ever before to devote to hiring the extra person you desperately need.  Career Selections pre-screens suitable candidates and presents you with a shortlist of 3 great choices for you to meet with.  All you have to do is find the time to interview them.  No more reading through resumes at midnight, no more telephone tag with the candidates you are interested in.  No more cat and mouse games in the office to hide the fact that you are trying to find a replacement for an existing employee.  We can even arrange for you to meet the candidates off-site.

Personalized_Service_IconIssue # 2:  Money5963251_s

The general consensus of opinion seems to be that recruiters are too expensive for small businesses.  Obviously, we would disagree with that  – the time and energy we put into our jobs becomes a great time saver to you and sometimes time is worth more than money.  However, we acknowledge that sometimes a large lump sum fee can be daunting for a small business with ever increasing operational costs and cash flow crunches.  So, Career Selections has a special small business package that allows a small business to pay our fee out over time instead of as a lump sum.

Personalized_Service_IconIssue # 3:  We already advertised the position

You are a canny business person and you have done the math.  Running an advertisement, especially an on-line one can be much less expensive than using a recruiter.  So, you spent some time, energy and money researching the best place to advertise, carefully wording the advertisement and plunking down the cash up-front.  Now you’ve done that you could be facing a number of issues.

a)             There is so much response to the advertisement that you don’t have time to deal with it. There might be some good resumes in your inbox but where do you find the time to go through the scores of unsuitable ones to find them?


b)            There is not enough of a response.  Despite your best efforts to advertisein the right place, you are not seeing the response you hoped.  You’re out the money you paid upfront with nothing to show for it.

c)             Your email box is suddenly flooded with junk.  Your email address has been published for all the world to see.

d)            Every recruiter in the western hemisphere is now calling you to find out if they can help fill the job.

Well, we can’t turn back time, but we can help solve your problems.

a)    Too much response to handle?  We will go through all the responses for you and pre-screen all the likely candidates and present you with a short-list.  Since we are using candidates you sourced we will do this for a reduced flat fee.

b)   Not enough response?  We can provide you with additional candidates that we have sourced.  You only pay us for results, so there is no money up-front, so no risk to you.

c)    Junk email overload?  We’ll go through all your email responses and delete the junk.  Prescreen the responses that are genuine and again charge a reduced flat fee for this service.

d)   Recruiter-nado?  Redirect them to us and we will patiently explain to every one of them that you’ve already selected a recruiter to help you with this position.  We won’t charge you anything extra for doing this!


And on top of all that we won’t even think of saying “I told you so”.  But seriously, next time call us first so you don’t have to face all these problems!

Personalized_Service_Icon4) Need a per diem or contract person but balk at the hourly rates being quoted by temp agencies?

If you already have payroll procedures in place for your existing employees let us find you a candidate who will work for you on an hourly or contract basis.  For contract positions we will pro-rate our fee based on the duration of the contract.  For per diem we will add a small fee to the hourly pay rate and bill only for the hours worked.  Since you are already running payroll and paying employer payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp and social security, our hourly mark up will be a fraction of the mark up from temp agencies who are shouldering those responsibilities for you.