Therapist at work


Well, it’s happened.  The last bastion of reasonable working conditions has fallen.  I’ve watched as profession after profession has fallen to the curse of ever higher demands of productivity.  Lawyers were afflicted with the curse of the billable hour in the 80s and their quality of life has slowly eroded since then.  In a recent news article, I read that a lawyer is facing disciplinary action after billing for 29 hours in one day!  There’s a whole industry set up to help lawyers find work away from the pressure of unreasonable billable hour quotas!  When I was working with the Office Administrative population I frequently heard complaints that employers cut back on staff but were still expecting the reduced workforce to do as much work as the larger workforce.  I was told “I’m doing the job of 3 people” by an alarmingly large number of people.

I know the patient quota has been going up steadily in Allied Healthcare jobs.  I have spoken to PT and OT staff who routinely see 4-6 patients per hour.  Then, yesterday I spoke with someone who says that 8 patients per hour is going to become more and more common!!  So, it’s finally happened.  In an industry where one-on-one interaction with patients/clients is standard and hands-on care is the only way to treat  patients/clients it is still possible to squeeze out even higher levels of productivity from already hard-working professionals.  When is this going to end?  Will we have surgeons running from OR to OR performing multiple procedures at a time.  Already anesthesiologists in some hospitals will leave the patient in the care of a nurse anesthetist so that they can deal with another patient in another OR.  I have to believe that eventually there will be a back lash.

What’s your experience?  How do you think we can combat this disastrous trend?