I’m hearing from a lot of Senior PT’s and OT’s who are concerned about productivity trumping patient care in every setting. In Long-term care facilities, I hear that pressure is being put on therapists to produce high RUG scores for patients and provide therapies that are not realistic or beneficial to the patient. In Outpatient, I’m hearing about unworkable patient quotas. From all settings I’m hearing concerns that recent graduates are being introduced to their profession in ways that do not uphold the ethical standards of the past and, knowing no better, they are complying.


At the bottom of these concerns are the financial realities that drive organizations to seek to maintain ever-increasing profits even as Medicare and Private insurers alike make it more difficult to get reimbursed for treatments.


Currently I’m working with several senior clinicians to figure out alternative career routes that use their skills and education but do not compromise their ethical standpoints and patient care standards.


There is no “cookie cutter” solution, every person is different in what they bring to the table in terms of skills, past experience and personality. For most, a drop in salary is not something they want to consider so I’m advising many to make long term plans that might involve working 2 jobs for a while. For example – putting 10 hours per week into developing a consulting business or working some per diem hours in a different setting, or taking classes to get qualified in a needed specialty such as Hand Therapy, or finding a niche area for patients willing to pay directly for specific therapies that insurance does not cover.


One thing is sure – the aging baby boomers will drive the economy, as they have for their whole lives. As they move into their senior years, Medicare will be stretched to the limit and will put more caps and regulations on therapies that are not critical care related.


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