Part-time Job Bonanza!

What’s going on with my clients?  All of a sudden I have lots of part-time opportunities for OT’s and PT’s.  Outpatient practices throughout NJ are crying out for people who need extra work in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.  Rates vary from $50-$100 per hour depending on specialty and experience.   So whatever your expertise, let me know if I can help you to supplement your current income.  These jobs could work well for people with a day off in the week, or who work school schedules as a full-time position.  They could even work for people with young families who need to share childcare duties with a spouse who gets home from work by 4pm or 5pm. Contact me directly for more information:  

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Licensed Physical Therapist for full-time position in Bayonne, NJ

Brand new facility!  2-3 patients per hour!  Collaborative, team environment!  Great pay and benefits!  Half day on Fridays!  No Weekends!  No late nights! If you are lucky enough to be able to get to Bayonne easily, this job is yours for the taking!! For more details contact Anne on  

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Licensed PTA for great Outpatient clinic in Somerset, NJ

My client is seeking a PTA to join her small, busy and team oriented practice.  Modern and well-equipped facilities.  Hours are 30-40 hours per week consisting of 3 or 4 ten hour days.  New grads will be considered.  Great salary and benefits.  If interested please send your resume to

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School Based OT Position

This job is ideal for someone who wants to move into a school based OT job.  It is part-time, 2 days per week.  You can pick the days!  Great for a working parent, new grad or someone wanting to cut back on hours or supplement an existing part-time income.  Pediatric experience is desired but not absolutely necessary.  A new grad would be considered for this position.  The job is based in Union County in a good school district.  My client can pay you as an employee or as a self-employed contractor.  Send your resume if you are interested.

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Outpatient PT in Morris County

My client is looking for a business minded PT who has relevant experience in outpatient orthopedic and sports therapy.  Have you been working for a few years?  Maybe, you are even considering opening your own practice.  You have a demonstrated interest in sports PT and prefer to operate in a low-volume, high-quality environment.  Your patients are loyal to you and you get frequent referrals from them.  Your reputation has been building and you know your services are highly valued.  The only thing stopping you from going out on your own is that you don’t want all the administrative headaches of running a business. Consider joining my client’s practice.  You’ll be treated like a business partner, have profit sharing as well as an excellent salary.  State of the art facilities and no micro-management.  You’ll see 2 patients per hour, work to a flexible schedule and build a long-term happy relationship with the owner who is a PT himself. Contact Anne for more information.  

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Allied Healthcare jobs hit by productivity curse

  Well, it’s happened.  The last bastion of reasonable working conditions has fallen.  I’ve watched as profession after profession has fallen to the curse of ever higher demands of productivity.  Lawyers were afflicted with the curse of the billable hour in the 80s and their quality of life has slowly eroded since then.  In a recent news article, I read that a lawyer is facing disciplinary action after billing for 29 hours in one day!  There’s a whole industry set up to help lawyers find work away from the pressure of unreasonable billable hour quotas!  When I was working with the Office Administrative population I frequently heard complaints that employers cut back on staff but were still expecting the reduced workforce to do as much work as the larger workforce.  I was told “I’m doing the job of 3 people” by an alarmingly large number of people. I know the patient quota has been going up steadily in Allied Healthcare jobs.  I have spoken to PT and OT staff who routinely see 4-6 patients per hour.  Then, yesterday I spoke with someone who says that 8 patients per hour is going to become more and more common!!  So, it’s finally happened.  In an industry where one-on-one interaction with patients/clients is standard and hands-on care is the only way to treat  patients/clients it is still possible to squeeze out even higher levels of productivity from already hard-working professionals.  When is this going to end?  Will we have surgeons running from OR to OR performing multiple procedures at a time.  Already anesthesiologists in some hospitals will leave the patient in the care of a nurse anesthetist so that they can deal with another patient in another OR.  I […]

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Here’s a good take on talking about weaknesses at an interview. I would add that a sense of humor about weaknesses is also fairly essential and can be central in winning the interviewer over to your side.  Just as it is a good idea to provide anecdotal evidence of your on-the-job skills, it can be a good idea to tell a story about a time when your weakness surfaced and what you did to overcome it.  If the story is amusing, it will serve to show that you don’t take your self too seriously which bodes well for being able to deal with criticism in the future. How do you handle the weakness question on interview?

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My Role as a Motivator

While in training for my first ever management position, I had to write an essay on “My Role as a Motivator”.  It didn’t have to be a long essay, or even that profound but it did get me thinking about what motivates people.   I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t always money – even in a sales based job.  So I was a little surprised to come across an article in Medical News Today that cites a study done in Toronto which claims that as little as $5 per week seemed to help motivate sedentary adults to stick with their exercise regimes. (You can read the full article at: ).   Of course the article raises more questions than it answers and the study was a small one.  I wonder if anyone has used similar motivators on their patients/clients.  What does it tell us about instant gratification?  Does the weekly money incentive provide instant gratification in a way that the long-term benefits of exercise cannot?   Would other incentives help too?  For example, my kids’ orthodontist gives them points when they arrive on-time and when they have taken good care of their teeth and braces between appointments.  The points add up over time and can be redeemed for small gift cards to a number of different stores.   What incentives have you tried with your patients/clients?  Did they work?

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Free Career Planning Workshop Scheduled

After much deliberation about what date to hold the next Free Career Planning Workshop, we have settled on October 14, 2013 from 9am to Noon at our office in Paramus, NJ.  It’s a Monday, but it is also Columbus Day, so some people might have a holiday from work that day.  This workshop is designed to teach participants how to plan their own career paths.  It is not just for people actively looking for work right now, but for anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding of their own values, circumstances and options in order to plan for their futures more effectively.  Of course, for those in active job search mode right now there is also useful information about branding, marketing and networking in today’s competitive job market. If you are interested in attending please contact Anne on 201-940-7376 or by email:

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Changes to EMG Medicare payments

I just read on the APTA website that approval for Medicare to pay for professional services as well as technical administration of EMG by Physical Therapists has been granted. Once again, APTA has successfully campaigned for a improvement to the scope of PT services that Medicare will cover! This is good news for medical practices and PTs alike and a step in the right direction for increasing the professional standing of PTs in the eyes of the medical community. Congratulations to all at APTA who worked to get this change approved!

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