The job market is so super competitive right now that unless you leave college with some meaningful experience, you don’t stand a chance of getting hired. However, the elusive internships are few and far between so what to do?


Here are some suggestions for you if you can’t find an internship:


Start your own business! Figure out how to do something related to your ultimate career goal on a shoestring. Find like-minded students to help you out. Pool resources, time, skills and see what you can get going. Don’t put money into it (or borrow money from your parents). See if you can bootstrap yourself into something with no commitment but time and energy.


Volunteer your time at non-profits that can give you some transferrable skills.


Be a consultant – become a subject matter expert on something that fellow students need to know. Read everything you can about the subject. Give talks to groups of students and convince them to consult with you privately – the fee will be to write a glowing testimonial about your expertise that you can put on your resume and social media profiles.


Start a club that has something to do with your ultimate career goal. Recruit members, set up meetings, events etc. This is a great resume building activity.


Find a mentor. Network with people at least 20 years older than you! Make friends with people who have already “made it” in the industry in which you seek to work. Your alumni directory is a great resource. Find out when the 20 year reunions are taking place at your college and find a way to interact with the attendees – maybe you can be one of the student ambassadors that meet and greet the alumni at the various events they attend.


DO NOT sign up for a master’s degree in the field you want to work in unless you have some experience in that field. If you graduate with a master’s degree and no relevant experience you are over-qualified for the entry level positions and under-qualified for the more senior positions.


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