Finding a job is not easy, making sure it is the right career move is even more difficult.

Career Selections can guide you and offer practical assistance whether you are just starting to think about your first job, looking to advance or change your career or even getting ready to retire. To find out more about individual career planning sessions please visit the Career Counseling Sessions page on this website.

The resources below can provide you with a basic map to help you complete your career journey, however it is always easier to have an expert navigator at your side, so please feel free to browse through these resources – we’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Just email us at or call us at 201-940-7376.


Self Awareness

Your Career Planning activities must begin with self-awareness.  Here are some online resources that  help you define your interests, working style and work-life balance needs:

Researching Employers

Define the job titles and industry that fit you best:

Use the O*net occupational information to find out which jobs have a bright outlook in the future.  Find detailed job descriptions and salary information.

Research business in your area that hire people in your chosen field:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google Search
  • Job Boards
  • Company websites
  • College Career offices
  • Old help-wanted ads
  • Talking to people who work in your field of interest

Sell Yourself

Once you’ve identified potential employers you need the right marketing materials to sell yourself to them:

Resume and Cover Letter Preparation:

Are you marketing yourself in the most effective way? Work with a recruitment expert to format a resume and cover letter that makes the best possible first impression. Learn how to increase your chances of landing an interview from a resume and cover letter submission.

Career Selections is pleased to partner with Enchanted Careers to offer you a free assessment of your current resume:

Free Resume Review

Follow the above link to take advantage of this valuable offer

Interview Preparation

Once you have secured an interview with a potential employer you need to prepare for your interview:

Interview Follow Up

Follow up is also important.  It can increase your chances of being offered a job:

Work From Home Opportunities


More Information

The sites listed below are general resources that cover all aspects of the career planning process:

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