10483597_xxlWhen was the last time you had a career check-up?

What’s that?  Never!  Maybe you had a 10 minute session with your guidance counselor in High School or College.  Maybe!

We spend more time at work than at just about any other activity – except sleep.  Career Selections can’t help you to sleep, but we can help you understand the dynamics that led you to the career choices you have made and plan better for your future career moves.

Our customizable career planning services include:

Experience_Plus_IconSelf-assessment and evaluation

Experience_Plus_IconIdentifying opportunities and research tools (including using technology to research)

Experience_Plus_IconSelf-Marketing and Branding (resumes and online profiles)

Experience_Plus_IconNetworking (in-person and via social media)

Experience_Plus_IconInterview techniques and follow up

Experience_Plus_IconPlanning for Transition (retirement, demands of a new family, relocation)

Experience_Plus_IconOvercoming barriers to employment

Experience_Plus_IconMaking and following a plan of action

Sessions can be arranged to address specific concerns or as a full program designed to improve every area of your career planning needs.  You’ll meet one-on-one with a certified career development facilitator.  Our services are practical and based on real-world experience.


Recent Testimonial:

I am grateful to Anne who supported me during the time I was struggling to find a job in New York City. I moved from London, UK to US and I did not know how I should effectively conduct my job research. Anne went through my CV and gave me pointers of how I should rewrite it to an American style Resume. She gave me invaluable insight into the market of my interest. She also referred me to proven job search engines and websites. Moreover, she advised me regarding my visa status, government sites where I could do a proper research about pay rates for my profession and information which I should include in my cover letter. Before my interview, Anne not only brought to my attention the major information about the profile of the company which I applied to, but also helped me with the best presentation strategy before my interview. I greatly appreciate all support and encouragement received from Anne during my job search journey in NYC. She is a great professional and a lovely person. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone.

Magdalena, Jersey City


Prices are as follows:

Initial consultation:                           $Free

Individual sessions:  1 hour             $75.00

Block of 5 one hour sessions:          $250.00

Resume writing:                                  $75.00

Interview coaching:                           $75.00

To book an initial consultation please call: 201-940-7376 and ask for Anne, or send an email to info@careerselections.com

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