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Teaneck Job Club Starting Soon!

Here at Career Selections we’ve noticed that almost all of our career planning clients are currently working.  It’s extremely rewarding helping people switch and further their careers, but we want a way to reach people who are unemployed who need our help too but can’t necessarily afford it. Solution:  We have partnered with The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County in Teaneck to start a small, free Job Club for unemployed people seeking career planning help. There are really only 2 criteria for membership of the Job Club:  you must be unemployed, and you must be actively looking for a job.  Space is limited and you must apply directly to Anne Wallman to join the club.  If you are interested, please contact Anne at  The Job Club will meet once a week in Teaneck starting at the end of January.

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No Pain – No Gain (groan)

OK, it’s a cliché that has been so overused in fitness and physical therapy. However, it tends to be true. I’m going to apply it to career transitions – which might make you look at things differently.   Change is painful. Anytime you want to get out of our comfort zone and try something new, you can be sure that it won’t be easy. That doesn’t mean to say it won’t be worthwhile, although sometimes it takes a long while for the results to be seen.   Everyone’s natural tendency is to resist change and avoid risk, but sometimes the biggest risk you can take is to stay where you are.   As a nation, we are moving into new waters in terms of the global economy. Our own robust US economy is not what it was. Corporations have lost the will to be socially responsible, and productivity and competition is fierce in the market place of every single industry.   This all adds up to a more uncertain career path for all of us. So what can you do to ensure our financial stability in the future? My advice is to not only have a plan B, but to start that plan B before you need to.   Do you have a potential second income source that could tide you over if you, or your spouse/significant other lost their main jobs? Most people do not.   A Plan B is not always related to our main career path, but it can be. However, it is not easy or comfortable for us to start a Plan B when we don’t need to. We have to be prepared to put time, energy and maybe some money […]

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Alternative Careers for PT’s and OT’s

I’m hearing from a lot of Senior PT’s and OT’s who are concerned about productivity trumping patient care in every setting. In Long-term care facilities, I hear that pressure is being put on therapists to produce high RUG scores for patients and provide therapies that are not realistic or beneficial to the patient. In Outpatient, I’m hearing about unworkable patient quotas. From all settings I’m hearing concerns that recent graduates are being introduced to their profession in ways that do not uphold the ethical standards of the past and, knowing no better, they are complying.   At the bottom of these concerns are the financial realities that drive organizations to seek to maintain ever-increasing profits even as Medicare and Private insurers alike make it more difficult to get reimbursed for treatments.   Currently I’m working with several senior clinicians to figure out alternative career routes that use their skills and education but do not compromise their ethical standpoints and patient care standards.   There is no “cookie cutter” solution, every person is different in what they bring to the table in terms of skills, past experience and personality. For most, a drop in salary is not something they want to consider so I’m advising many to make long term plans that might involve working 2 jobs for a while. For example – putting 10 hours per week into developing a consulting business or working some per diem hours in a different setting, or taking classes to get qualified in a needed specialty such as Hand Therapy, or finding a niche area for patients willing to pay directly for specific therapies that insurance does not cover.   One thing is sure – the aging baby boomers […]

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Summer 2014 Newsletter and Competition

Click “read more” below then click on the link to download a PDF of our first Newsletter.  Be sure to check out the competition – win $250 of Career Counseling and CEU classes.   Newsletter Summer 2014 issue 1  

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Free Career Planning Workshop Scheduled

After much deliberation about what date to hold the next Free Career Planning Workshop, we have settled on October 14, 2013 from 9am to Noon at our office in Paramus, NJ.  It’s a Monday, but it is also Columbus Day, so some people might have a holiday from work that day.  This workshop is designed to teach participants how to plan their own career paths.  It is not just for people actively looking for work right now, but for anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding of their own values, circumstances and options in order to plan for their futures more effectively.  Of course, for those in active job search mode right now there is also useful information about branding, marketing and networking in today’s competitive job market. If you are interested in attending please contact Anne on 201-940-7376 or by email:

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It’s great that you have found the Career Selections website.  Whether you are actively looking for work or thinking about planning for your future, we will offer many useful insights and tips on this blog.  Please check back often!

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