After speaking to countless job seekers over the years, one thing is clear. Those with perseverance get new jobs faster. The ability to keep at it in the face of discouragement is key. While some people wallow in misery for a week after each job rejection, unable to bring themselves to send out another resume, others redouble their efforts and move on to new opportunities.


My advice is: no matter how disappointed you are, you must keep to your plan! If you have made a plan to send out 10 resumes per day and make 5 follow up calls/emails, you must do it even if you are feeling down. You must pretend to be upbeat, even if you are not and 9 times out of 10 you won’t have to pretend for long because the act of moving forward will get you into a better mood.


A healthy way to think about it is that every time you apply for a job your goal is to get an answer – yes, or no. Even though “yes” is the preferred response, a “no” gives you closure and allows you to move on to the next opportunity.


Realistically, you will get a lot of “no’s” on a job search, so the quicker you can recover from your disappointment the more effective your job search will be.


Personally, I use lists to keep me motivated. Each company I approach is put on a list and stays there until I hear back with a definite yes or no. My objective is to get the companies of the “maybe” list and into either the “yes” or “no” list.


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