A big mistake that a lot of job seekers make is to assume that their business and personal networks are separate.  When networking for career opportunities, they look at their former colleagues, bosses and fellow professionals.  However, since you never know where a job lead will come from, it is equally important to network among your social circles.

If you need any proof of this, just ask around and find out how people got hired into their jobs – you will find out that a large number found their jobs through a referral from a  friend, family member or acquaintance from their social circles.

Here are some examples of your potential networking areas:



House of Worship

Your kid’s school’s PTA

People at the Gym

Old college buddies

Your hairdresser

Clubs you belong to

Parents of your kid’s friends


Local library patrons

In fact the more socially active you are the wider your network will be.  If you volunteer a lot in your community, your network will be abundant!  If you have kids you might not have time for a lot of outside activities for yourself, but just think how many activities you take your kids to!  Network with the parents watching the soccer game!  In fact, your networking will be best if you are someone who “goes the extra mile” in all of your social interactions.  Be the parent who organizes the end of season party for the team!  Be the person who visits homebound members of your House of Worship.  Be the person who helps Seniors navigate the computer systems at the local library.  Be the person who organizes Alumni get togethers in your area.

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