There is no magic formula for being successful at an interview.  However, the best advice I can give is to think of it as an opportunity to “tell your story”.  Showing what you are capable of through short anecdotes lets the interview see who you are in addition to providing proof of how well you can do the job.  It is a great way to relate past experience to the job you wish to obtain.

Even the most basic interview question can become a chance to demonstrate your suitability for the job.  Even if you are applying for a job without a whole lot of relevant experience.  Try to think of the qualities that are needed for the job and find examples from your past that exhibit those qualities.  A recent graduate applying for a job that requires cooperation between co-workers can point to experiences on team sports or classroom projects as evidence of a great team attitude.  Someone applying for their first management role can tell an interviewer how they chaired a committee or ran a club in their spare time.

The anecdotes you use need to be relevant and not too long.  They bring a personal touch to the interview and the interviewer will get a better idea of who you are.