I recently gave a Career Planning presentation at a Middle School to a bunch of 7th graders.  I was blown away with the thirst they had to know about how to plan for their futures.  Schools tend to be focussed purely on getting them into college and do not encourage them to plan further than that.  My experience showed me that not only are they capable of making longer term plans, they really should be making longer term plans in order to make better choices about college.  In this day and age when college education is exorbitant, it is more vital than ever that students choose to study things that will really help them in their career later.  That doesn’t mean only vocational schools, many jobs don’t need specific vocational training, but a student should start to think about playing to their strengths in college in order to maximize the experience.

What do you think?  Should Middle and High School student go through some formal career planning sessions?