November is National Career Development Month!

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) of which I am a member tirelessly promotes the benefits of Career Development for everyone!

An interesting fact is that all Career Development practitioners see a career as a person’s whole life, not just their “jobs”.

One of the things that my clients find surprising is that they need to look at their life as a whole and continuing career. Many times our career roles overlap. The roles we play as Parents, Workers, Volunteers in our Communities, Children to our own Parents, Students, Homemakers, Spouses and Hobby Enthusiasts can coexist happily. We place different importance on these different roles at various times in our lives, but they are all part of our career in its entirety.

I find that thinking of our lives this way can give us a healthy perspective. For more information about this theory of career development check out the work of Donald S. Super and his “Career Rainbow” theory in particular.

Here’s a graphic that illustrates his theory:
Does this help put your career in perspective?