My client is looking for a business minded PT who has relevant experience in outpatient orthopedic and sports therapy.  Have you been working for a few years?  Maybe, you are even considering opening your own practice.  You have a demonstrated interest in sports PT and prefer to operate in a low-volume, high-quality environment.  Your patients are loyal to you and you get frequent referrals from them.  Your reputation has been building and you know your services are highly valued.  The only thing stopping you from going out on your own is that you don’t want all the administrative headaches of running a business.

Consider joining my client’s practice.  You’ll be treated like a business partner, have profit sharing as well as an excellent salary.  State of the art facilities and no micro-management.  You’ll see 2 patients per hour, work to a flexible schedule and build a long-term happy relationship with the owner who is a PT himself.

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