When we think about volunteering our time to help others, we really shouldn’t be thinking of ourselves, yet we gain undeniable benefits that go beyond the personal gratification we get from our deeds.


Don’t get me wrong, personal gratification is a biggie and maybe our prime motive, however here are the other benefits we gain – especially if we are out of work:


1)            Better mental health – Studies have shown that by focusing outwards on helping others and not dwelling on our own problems can stave off depression and negative thinking. (http://huff.to/19RBCTM)

2)            Socialization of any kind is a benefit when we would otherwise be doing nothing.

3)            Networking comes in many forms and maybe some of our fellow volunteers, recipients of our help or organizations that coordinate the volunteers could be potential sources for job leads.

4)            Volunteering boosts our resume – a period of unpaid employment is better than a period of unemployment (and makes us look good too)

5)            We may learn new skills and gain new experiences that help our job search.

6)            If we choose a cause that we are passionate about we will experience job satisfaction like never before.

7)            We can use volunteerism as a way to explore different kinds of work without risk – for instance, if we have always worked behind a desk but wondered if we would be happier working in a more physical job, we can volunteer at something that is more physical to give it a try.

8)            If we are working in a job in which we are unhappy, volunteering can give us an outlet that makes our paid employment more bearable – we stop being defined by our “paid job”.

9)            If we are parents, our volunteering can be a family activity helping to bring the family closer together and allowing us to have more quality time with our kids. It also sets a great example to them.

10)         Volunteering can help us shift our priorities to things that really matter. When we help those less fortunate than ourselves, we can put our own lives into a better perspective.


Looking for volunteer opportunities? Try www.Idealist.org


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