Where will your next job opportunity come from? Maybe not from where you think.


Alternative careers can be viable alternatives for many people, but they are so used to thinking of themselves in one role that they don’t recognize opportunities when they are right in front of them.


Even if you are in a job right now, do this exercise: Imagine that your job (the entire industry even) became obsolete. What else could you do? Be wide ranging and as “pie in the sky” as you want to be. You may be surprised at some of the alternatives you can come up with. This could be a fun thing to do with your friends and family. Ask them what they could see you doing. What do you do that they love? Are you known for the holiday parties you put on every year? Are you the person that always brings the best dish to pot luck dinners? Are you the person that keeps in touch with people and organizes all the get-togethers? Are you the person that others turn to when they have problems? There may be ways to use these skills in a job – what kinds of jobs would they be? Have a brainstorming session.


From this point you can figure out what you would need to do to have a realistic chance to work in one of these jobs. Maybe you’d need to go to school, maybe you’d need to volunteer to get some relevant experience. You certainly would need to start networking with people that could help you.


What would your “out of the box” career be? Please comment and let me know!